Welcome Back to TorontoRunClub.ca! And thank you once again for stopping by. In this second blog post you’ll learn everything there is to know about what TorontoRunClub.ca is, and why it came to be. So let’s dive in!

Why I CreatedTorontoRunClub.ca:

Well, I’ve been running/jogging/plodding along for years now. Most of the time, I’m pretty casual about it. And to be totally honest, I was so casual that I actually eschewed the idea of being an overly-enthusiastic runner. I didn’t want to track progress, buy fancy gear or run with other people.

But then something started to change…

Day-by-day,  week-by-week, run-by-run I found myself getting more and more excited about running. I felt my confidence growing as I strung together 5km at a time, then 8km, then 10km and then 20. Running further and faster started to get easier. And I was having more fun than ever.

It’s now reached a point where I just feel compelled to share. And not only do I want to document my own journey as a runner on the streets of Toronto, but I want to excite and inspire others. Because running is fun. Running feels good. And the positive changes will reverberate through all aspects of your life. At least, they have for me.

So whether you’re just thinking about going for your first jog in five years, or you’re an experienced endurance athlete, TorontoRunClub.ca can help you.

Let me tell you how…

What to Expect from TorontoRunClub.ca

Think of TorontoRunClub.ca as an online running club. My goal is to fill this site with valuable resources for Toronto runners and joggers. From my favourite running routes around the GTA, to recipes and recovery tips, I will fill the pages of the Toronto Running Blog with unique and valuable content to help you run farther, faster and easier.

It won’t always be pretty. But I promise to be authentic. I hope you’ll follow along with my trials and tribulations as I strive to run further distances and uncover great new routes around the #6ix.

And of course…

I’m planning to spend a bunch of time visiting, running with, and documenting all the different run clubs in Toronto. While there’s a big list of Toronto run clubs to work through, I’m going to do my best to check them all out and share my experiences on my Toronto Running Blog. And of course, if you have a favourite run club please feel free to let me know (either in the comments, or by email to jeff[at]torontorunclub.ca)

So if you want to stay up to date on these running resources, tools and tips then I encourage you to claim your free welcome package to ToronoRunClub.ca. It’s full of my favouriteToronto running routes and valuable information for making the most out of your jaunts around the city. So what are you waiting for? Get your copy of the TorontoRunningClub.ca welcome package today!